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CDL Training Offered in Roanoke & Woodford, Virginia

Approved for Veteran Educational Benefits! 
Germanna Community College, Virginia Western Community College & Central Virginia Community College.

16 Years of Experience

CDL Training Offered in Roanoke & Woodford, Virginia


Community College

Virginia Western Community College

Central Virginia Community College

CVTA Member

CDS Tractor Trailer Training is committed to providing professional training and job placement assistance to its students. With 16 years plus of operation, our workforce has many years experience in trucking, with many of those years in truck driving training and placement of new drivers.

CDS has two locations, one between Richmond and Fredericksburg in Woodford, VA, and a location at Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke, VA. We have Full time classes Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm for four weeks. Our Part time classes run Saturday and Sunday from 8 am until 5 pm for ten weekends. That’s only 20 days!

Our program consists of classroom instruction, various backing maneuvers, and on-the-road training. Students enjoy our hands-on approach to training and are in the trucks the first day. CDS has more trucks and instructors than other schools. This allows students more truck time and better quality training. Most schools operate with 1 or 2 trucks and 1 or 2 instructors trying to train 10-15 students. At CDS, students train in small groups of 1-3 students per truck and instructor. It is always a good idea to visit a school to observe the training and talk to students before choosing a training program. You are welcome to visit CDS.

With a national driver shortage of over 200,000, trucking companies are hiring! Both local, regional and Over-the-Road are calling CDS for their graduates. Students hear from several trucking company recruiters while attending school and most students have job offers before they graduate!

New drivers earn $38-50,000 plus their first year! Follow the steps on “How To Enroll” to ensure your success as a professional tractor trailer driver! If you are interested in reserving a seat in our full or part time class or need more information, please call or apply online at:

                               CDS-Woodford: 1-877-237-4235

                       CDS-Roanoke: 1-855-237-4235